ADTF  3.14.3
Clock Concept

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In order to supply a common clock for all ADTF Components, ADTF delivers a Reference Clock Service. This Service provides a distinct method for getting the current timestamp, no matter if the ADTF System is running in Online Mode (Live) or Offline Mode (Playback). It allows the registration of many different time sources, that can either be used as main ADTF time source or be recorded for a simulation during playback and referenced to the main timestamp. The user can configure which time source is used at a single place, without the need for recompilation of any ADTF components. The Service also extends the ADTF System with a mechanism to register and use synchronization algorithms for hardware timestamp conversions, that take clock drift and offset into account, in order to offer the best possible timestamps in the time domain of the main ADTF clock. This prevents the use of hardcoded solutions and allows changes during configuration. For more information have a look at Clock Synchronization Service and adtf::services::ant::IReferenceClock::ISync2RefChannel.

In Offline Mode (Playback) the Playback Service will register itself as the time source for the ADTF Stream Time at the Reference Clock Service.


The functionality is available via the adtf::services::ant::IReferenceClock.

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