ADTF  3.15.3
ADTF 3.14.2 Release Notes

ADTF 3.14.2 Summary

Bugfixes within ADTF Configuration Editor

Since ADTF 3.14.0 the Property Editor shows additional content from the plugindescription. But when your path contains dots (e.g. when loading from conan package), the visualization and quick access for the pluindescription file fails due to a cut and invalid path. Note that this only effects the visualization (which has been fixed now) - not the loading itself - which works fine during entire minor version. Furthermore, the renaming of our example session has only covered the name within the project file (which is visualized in Sessions View), but not the name within in session file itself (which is used during runtime). This results that the ADTF Configuration Editor cannot connect to our running example sessions, because the name on the URL does not match. This hasn't been a problem for you custom sessions, but has been fixed right now also for our delivered examples.

Bugfixes within DDL Mapping Filter

If you are using bool within the map file, it has been supported on the input but not on the output. We also support this plain type now as exptected and already documented.

Bugfixes within Media Description Service

The Media Description Service has an option to provide signals for each given stream (restricted by allow and blocklist), but miss a check for streams without DDL. This is of course a valid scenario, especially using adtf::streaming::lucky::stream_meta_type_image (for video streams) or content where the stream type will change during runtime or is not (yet) available at startup. This will be skipped right now and not results in an error like before.

Bugfixes within ADTF Control

Using createeventbuffer in ADTF Control will fail because of an invalid usage of DDL since changes in ADTF 3.14.0. We repaired the usage of createeventbuffer and waitevent.

Additional changes

There are some basic extensions which are very helpful for your daily work:

  • Repair plugindescription-to-dox conversion regarding filename
  • The plugindescription will be installed for each possible build type gain
  • The overview format of the ADTF DAT Dump Tool tool has been adapted to new timestamps
  • Clean up FEP include folder and correct header names

Updated dependencies

Here is a list what has been updated (see also Used Open Source Software):

  • None in this patch version none

ADTF 3.14.2 Changelog

| ADTF - Changelog |
| Automotive Data and Time-Triggered Framework |
| |
| This file tracks the changes and bugfixes within ADTF 3.x |
| |
| Version: |
| ADTF 3.14.2 osborn |
* none
* [ACORE-11465] - Plugindescription path is cut when containing dots (e.g. using packages from conan cache)
* [ACORE-11498] - ADTF Control fails to create event buffer
* [ACORE-11499] - Plugin description converter file export does not cope filename
* [ACORE-11502] - Example adtfproject and adtfsession break remote connect due to different display names
* [ACORE-11506] - Enabled signal providing leads to crash in case of using video streams (e.g. from recording or Demo Virtual Clock)
* [ACORE-11510] - Plugin Description won't be installed anymore for build type Release and MinSizeRel
* [ACORE-11511] - Wrong using directive for cDDLHeader
* [ACORE-11515] - Stream information is not readable in datdump overview
* [ACORE-11516] - Clean up FEP include folder and correct header names
* [ACORE-11518] - DDL Mapping Filter crashes when using plain type BOOL on output