ADTF  3.18.3

Observer Interface to react on property changes. More...

Inheritance diagram for IPropertyObserver:

Public Member Functions

virtual void Notify (const IProperty &oProperty)=0
 Implements the observer pattern. More...

Protected Member Functions

 ~IPropertyObserver ()=default
 Protected destructor.

Detailed Description

Observer Interface to react on property changes.

See also

Definition at line 173 of file property_intf.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Notify()

virtual void Notify ( const IProperty oProperty)
pure virtual

Implements the observer pattern.

[in]oPropertyThe changed property.
If oProperty is a subproperty, you will only receive the name of the subproperty without path or parent. Instead of implementing a adtf::base::ant::IPropertyObserver for each required property, you can also use adtf::base::hollow::property_variable::SetPropertyChangedCallback().

Implemented in property_variable< T >, property_variable< adtf::util::cString >, property_variable< T >, property_variable< T >, and property< T, Enable >.