ADTF  3.18.3
property_variable< T >

Property Variable template for the given T. More...

Inheritance diagram for property_variable< T >:

Public Member Functions

property_variableoperator= (const T &oVal)
 Assignment operator.
void SetPropertyChangedCallback (const std::function< void()> &fnCallback)
 Set a callback to get notified about property changes. More...
void Notify (const IProperty &oProperty) override
 Implements the observer pattern. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from property_variable< T >
 property_variable ()=default
 Initializes the property variable with the default value of T.
 property_variable (const T &xValue)
 Initializes the property variable with the given value. More...
property_variableoperator= (const T &xValue)
tResult GetType (IString &&strType) const override
 Returns the identifier of the type. More...
const IPropertyValueGetValue () const override
const T & operator* () const
 operator const T & () const
bool operator== (const T &oVal)
bool operator!= (const T &oVal)
const T * operator-> ()
const T * operator-> () const
void SetValueList (const std::vector< std::pair< T, std::string >> &oValueList, bool bRestrictToValues=true)
 Sets a value list, that the user can choose from. More...
void SetValidRange (const T &xMin, const T &xMax)
 Sets the valid range of values. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from cPropertyVariable
 cPropertyVariable ()
 The default constructor.
 cPropertyVariable (const cPropertyVariable &oOther)
 Copy constructor. More...
 cPropertyVariable (cPropertyVariable &&oOther)
 Move constructor. More...
cPropertyVariableoperator= (const cPropertyVariable &oOther)
 Assignment operator. More...
cPropertyVariableoperator= (cPropertyVariable &&oOther)
 Move assignment operator. More...
 ~cPropertyVariable () override
const ant::IPropertiesGetSubProperties () const
void SetDisplayName (const char *strDisplayName)
 Sets the name that tools should display. More...
void SetDescription (const char *strDescription)
 Sets the description text associated with the Property. More...
void SetFilenameExtensionFilter (const char *strFilenameExtensionFilter)
 Sets optional file filters for Configuration Editor FileDialogs of cFilename and cFilenameList properties e.g. More...
void SetFilenameOpenForWriting (bool bWriteMode)
 Sets the write mode for the file property. More...
tVoid SetResolveMacros (tBool bResolveMacros)
 Sets whether or not macros should be resolved by the session manager or not. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from cPropertyVariable
void SetUnregister (IMemberPropertyUnregister &oUnregister)

Private Attributes

std::function< void()> m_fnPropertyChangedCallback

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from cPropertyVariable
ant::IPropertiesGetSubProperties ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from IPropertyObserver
 ~IPropertyObserver ()=default
 Protected destructor.
- Protected Attributes inherited from property_variable< T >
ant::property_value< property_type > m_oValue
- Protected Attributes inherited from cPropertyVariable
std::unique_ptr< cImplementation > m_pImplementation

Detailed Description

template<typename T>
class adtf::base::hollow::property_variable< T >

Property Variable template for the given T.

A Property Variable will store a copy of a property value of the specified type T.

If it was registered to a property set adtf::base::ant::IProperties by IProperties::RegisterPropertyObserver the copy is automatically updated on property changes.

TThe type of the property
The notify call is not yet threadsafe!

Definition at line 754 of file configuration.h.

Member Function Documentation

◆ Notify()

void Notify ( const IProperty oProperty)

Implements the observer pattern.

[in]oPropertyThe changed property.
If oProperty is a subproperty, you will only receive the name of the subproperty without path or parent. Instead of implementing a adtf::base::ant::IPropertyObserver for each required property, you can also use adtf::base::hollow::property_variable::SetPropertyChangedCallback().

Reimplemented from property_variable< T >.

Definition at line 776 of file configuration.h.

References property_variable< T >::Notify().

◆ SetPropertyChangedCallback()

void SetPropertyChangedCallback ( const std::function< void()> &  fnCallback)

Set a callback to get notified about property changes.

[in]fnCallbackCallback function

Definition at line 771 of file configuration.h.