ADTF  3.14.3
A_UTILS Library


The A_UTILS Library provides a function and class subset, that encapsulate operating system functionality, standard functionality, common communication functionality, testing functionality, and other helpful things. This helps reducing code redundancy at all. The main header to include is:

#include <a_utils.h>


The A_UTILS library is separated into 7 Packages:

A_UTILS Base Package

The A_UTILS Base Package provides some basic definitions and constants.

See also
a_utils_base.h for details.

A_UTILS Communication Package

The A_UTILS Communication Package provides easy communication protocols, filesupport and common communication devices.

It defines following classes:
  • A_UTILS_NS::cDatagramSocket
  • A_UTILS_NS::cStreamSocket
See also
a_utils_comm.h for details.

A_UTILS Core Package

The A_UTILS Core package provides comfortable using of standard core functionality.

File System Support:
  • A_UTILS_NS::cFilename
  • A_UTILS_NS::cFile
  • A_UTILS_NS::cFileSystem
Standard Types Support:
  • string.h
  • A_UTILS_NS::cVariant, A_UTILS_NS::cVariantMap
  • A_UTILS_NS::cDateTime
Memory Access Support:
  • A_UTILS_NS::cMemoryBlock
  • A_UTILS_NS::cMemoryPtr
See also
a_utils_core.h for details.

A_UTILS File Package

This A_UTILS File Package defines how to get time-indexed serialized data into a chunked file.

It defines following classes:
  • A_UTILS_NS::cIndexedFile
  • A_UTILS_NS::cIndexedFileReader
  • A_UTILS_NS::cIndexedFileWriter
  • A_UTILS_NS::cIndexedFileHelper
See also
a_utils_file.h for details.

A_UTILS Standard Package

The A_UTILS Standard Package provides standard classes, which helps reducing code redundancy.

special file support:
  • A_UTILS_NS::cIniFile
  • A_UTILS_NS::cStringTable
Default Logging:
  • A_UTILS_NS::log
Special string support:
  • A_UTILS_NS::cCommandLine
  • A_UTILS_NS::cMacroResolver
  • A_UTILS_NS::cRegularExpression
Thread Safe Memory Management:
  • A_UTILS_NS::cAsyncMemoryBlock
See also
a_utils_std.h for details.

A_UTILS System Package

The A_UTILS System package provides a comfortable class subset for using operating system dependent functionality. The implementation of this utilities is available for the WIN32 API (Windows 2000 and higher) and Linux. When using the classes you do not need to separate the OS by yourself.

Threading helper:
  • A_UTILS_NS::cLooper
  • thread_parameter.h
System or platform specific functions:
  • A_UTILS_NS::cSystem
  • A_UTILS_NS::cExceptionHandler
  • A_UTILS_NS::cDynamicLinkage
  • A_UTILS_NS::cHighResTimer
  • A_UTILS_NS::cHighResTimeSpan
  • A_UTILS_NS::cTickCounter
See also
a_utils_sys.h for details.

A_UTILS Test Package

The A_UTILS Test Package support Macro and classes for a small test automation. The macros defines a subset helper functionality for unit tests.

It defines following classes:
  • testbench.h
  • testmacros.h
See also
a_utils_test.h for details.

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