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ADTF 3.7.0 Changelog

| ADTF - Changelog |
| Automotive Data and Time-Triggered Framework |
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| This file tracks the changes and bugfixes within ADTF 3.x |
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| ADTF 3.7.0 hollow |
* [ACORE-8146] - Autoupdate plugindescriptions on file/folder change
* [ACORE-8156] - Highlight component for which properties are shown in Property View
* [ACORE-8197] - Provide UI Service to change properties during runtime
* [ACORE-8285] - Provide Copy Mode for Attached Files or extensions
* [ACORE-8336] - Auto expand after live search update (as well as clear search field)
* [ACORE-8396] - Improve usability concept for start editing in Configuration Editor (Redesign Project View / Session Editor)
* [ACORE-8469] - Provide mechanism to jump from component to correspondending documentation
* [ACORE-8890] - Auto add a samplestream/bindingproxy by connecting pins directly
* [ACORE-8895] - Publish CE Plugin package and provide documentation
* [ACORE-8898] - Provide dynamic property mechanism via filter editor
* [ACORE-8910] - License Viewer is dead - long lives the Licenser Tool
* [ACORE-9116] - Double click on validation item entry should open solution options
* [ACORE-9210] - Error handling during GUI initialisation
* [ACORE-9268] - Make displaysize of components in streaming-graph smaller
* [ACORE-9299] - Provide option to save the log output in ADTFDAT File
* [ACORE-9309] - Provide platform support for Ubuntu 16.04 ARMv8 aarch64 with gcc 5.4 toolchain
* [ACORE-9473] - Extend ADTF Control to list all loaded components
* [ACORE-9551] - Keyboard support to select all graph components and connections using CTRL+A
* [ACORE-9607] - Extend info command about connected ADTF Launcher
* [ACORE-9647] - Define and implement update mechanism of Sessions View regarding Session Editor
* [ACORE-9660] - Redesign Session Editor
* [ACORE-9663] - Redesign Components View
* [ACORE-9691] - Option to create Dynamic Binding Interfaces in Graph Editors
* [ACORE-9706] - Provide a more helpful diagnostic when a plugin's implementation is missing the ADTF_PLUGIN macro
* [ACORE-9815] - Provide support for pkg rpc 3.3.0 and deliver all 3rd party developer packages as ADTF SDK components
* [ACORE-9840] - Support of save dialog for filename property
* [ACORE-9927] - Extend Documentation for GetNextSample() using ProcessInput()
* [ACORE-9932] - Substream Support in ADTF
* [ACORE-9936] - Extend Filter Editor with filenames property of ADTFDAT File Player
* [ACORE-9938] - Ignore missing streams
* [ACORE-10022] - Check output format in processor guide
* [ACORE-10028] - Provide help link for plugins
* [ACORE-10068] - Provide a scripting interface and Javascript code scheduler to execute user snippets on specific events in the CE
* [ACORE-10086] - Provide an example to show TCP communication with Non-ADTF application
* [ACORE-10090] - Make console messages colorful
* [ACORE-10093] - Add filename extension filter to PropertyView FileDialog
* [ACORE-10103] - Add a property to use TCP_NODELAY socket option
* [ACORE-10110] - Option to reset cesettings to delivered version
* [ACORE-10116] - Improve profiling blocks
* [ACORE-10117] - Provide option to set decription for pin_set_description items
* [ACORE-10119] - Document handling with version namespaces
* [ACORE-10125] - Goto Home Tab View after closing project
* [ACORE-10128] - Add property changed callback to property_variable
* [ACORE-10130] - Java Script Filter and Qt Quick Filter should provide property change callback
* [ACORE-10135] - Create report option for running ADTF System
* [ACORE-10137] - Create documentation for System status
* [ACORE-10145] - Extend Home View with search options for plugins / components
* [ACORE-10146] - Show loaded adtfplugin path in Home View
* [ACORE-10149] - Show help always in command line
* [ACORE-10150] - Provide UI Tool and Service to change properties during runtime
* [ACORE-10167] - Provide support for ifhd 0.6.1, a_util 5.6.0 and ddl 4.4.0 and move them from 3rd party to ADTF SDK packages
* [ACORE-10178] - Add Manual Trigger to JavaScriptFilter
* [ACORE-10184] - Provide a script to automatically add a Sample Stream or Binding Proxy
* [ACORE-10256] - Document adtf_string_intf support
* [ACORE-10257] - Provide a convenience method for create_adtf_default_stream_type_from_service
* [ACORE-10264] - Provide support for ADTF Utils 4.1.4
* [ACORE-10284] - Extend documentation OS ADTF Environment Variables
* [ACORE-10292] - Make qt_ui_filter available in the unversioned adtf::ui namespace
* [ACORE-10334] - Dynamic binding server / client filter pin
* [ACORE-10341] - Extend documentation for ADTF Launcher
* [ACORE-10355] - Move CID and component name in tooltip
* [ACORE-10366] - Create a guide for best practice using our toolset
* [ACORE-10369] - Show only Label name of graph items and move CID to tooltip
* [ACORE-10378] - Configuration Editor settings file should be writable by "regular" users
* [ACORE-10380] - Default name for dynamic pin should be suggested
* [ACORE-10381] - Autoconnection should support dynamic pin
* [ACORE-10382] - Keep terminal window open after launch with ADTF Launcher via CE
* [ACORE-10400] - Improve getting started
* [ACORE-10405] - Change return value for sensor data example
* [ACORE-10409] - Improve understanding of playback mode in documentations
* [ACORE-10410] - Add Error or Warning when DataIn-Trigger is enabled but no Process Method is overridden
* [ACORE-10411] - Layout settings should be renamed to graph editor settings
* [ACORE-10419] - Add methods to create stream type from description file or string in Java Script SDK
* [ACORE-10428] - Improve IRuntime::GetObject error messages
* [ACORE-10437] - Support property hierachies in scripting filters
* [ACORE-10444] - Rework guide for dat processor
* [ACORE-10488] - Provide option to additionally start Log View and Status Monitor with GUI Control call
* [ACORE-10497] - Add hint if customer uses newer CMake version which sets Win32 as default platform for Visual Studio 15 2017 Generator
* [ACORE-9272] - Replace tabs with spaces in examples
* [ACORE-9284] - Cleanup by Conf and Autofill from Conf do not work as expected
* [ACORE-9341] - Choose more than one service can lead to double added dependencies
* [ACORE-9366] - Typo in classname cExternelQueueSampleReader
* [ACORE-9377] - Validation System Dialog does not suppress further editing
* [ACORE-9420] - Property converter make use of ToRaw of not initialized properties
* [ACORE-9648] - Several findings regarding media description file chooser - EBPRODUCTSUPPORT-1209
* [ACORE-9704] - Connecting more than one input pin to MD-Display produces errors during runtime
* [ACORE-9954] - Using the Slider of demo_qt_player_control_view Service leads to Crash (Linux)
* [ACORE-9998] - Cannot move sample_stream element in CE
* [ACORE-10009] - ce_external_property_module_example won't build in Release configuration (only RelWithDebInfo and Debug)
* [ACORE-10053] - Arrays are displayed wrong in Media Description Display
* [ACORE-10079] - Could not set negative property value
* [ACORE-10087] - Missing save dialog before changing CE theme
* [ACORE-10088] - Binding between ADTFDAT File Player pin and connection lost after pin creation with EditorPlugin
* [ACORE-10104] - Add Launcher function does not allow to write blanks in name
* [ACORE-10108] - Windows Scaling settings can lead to infinite resize/scaling loop
* [ACORE-10122] - Binding Proxy / Interface Port - Inconsistent Behavior
* [ACORE-10126] - Adjust entry for 'CreateInterfaceServer' within the adtf sdk doxygen
* [ACORE-10132] - Inconsistent behaviour between open filtergraph and open subgraph
* [ACORE-10134] - Layout is stored wrong when closing the XSystem Window with the Close Button in RL_Running
* [ACORE-10140] - attachment_configuration_file property is defined as cString instead of cFilename
* [ACORE-10147] - Adding a Service multiple times is not supported by the System Editor
* [ACORE-10168] - Selection of component in graph editor can not be undone
* [ACORE-10171] - GUI Control does not automatically focus on connected session
* [ACORE-10172] - Description text for recorder is missing
* [ACORE-10187] - Play button is disabled after moving slider
* [ACORE-10208] - Home View links cannot resolve spaces (SDK, Guides, ADTF_DIR itself)
* [ACORE-10221] - Qt Media Description Display crashes if dynamic array is used
* [ACORE-10242] - Inconsistency between view and adtfsession file
* [ACORE-10260] - PDBs for static libraries in SDK packages are not delivered
* [ACORE-10295] - JavaScript SDK "getProperty" function delivers wrong value when using boolean properties
* [ACORE-10342] - Changing graph file in session does not update active streaming graph and active filter graph
* [ACORE-10347] - Validation protocol dialogue leaves user with ambiguous choice
* [ACORE-10351] - Comboboxes Dropdown needs Mouse Down
* [ACORE-10352] - Dragging items from Component View to Streaming / Filter Graph Editor needs several tries sporadically
* [ACORE-10359] - Properties of Services are sometimes not displayed
* [ACORE-10364] - ADTF GUI Control crashes when user clicks too fast
* [ACORE-10368] - tUInt8 properties are not correctly set from adtfproperties file.
* [ACORE-10376] - Missing step size in SetFilter SDK snippet
* [ACORE-10390] - Error from BeginStreaming() is ignored
* [ACORE-10417] - Missing const for rpc_object_client_ptr::operator tBool ()
* [ACORE-10420] - Refactor XSystem and remove Qt warnings in UI depended sessions during runtime
* [ACORE-10442] - sample_data<T> missing return
* [ACORE-10470] - Plugin description generator ignores errors from graph object initialization
* [ACORE-10472] - Connecting two interface servers with one binding proxy should report an error
* [ACORE-10474] - Multiple input connections (N:1) are not marked as invalid (Sample Stream / Interface Binding)
* [ACORE-10478] - Graph and components can not have the same name
* [ACORE-10490] - SDK example for user defined properties shows unrelated implementation